September 6, 2009

The Lord's Day

A Lesson in Botany
Specifically, the root.

-The fruit and foliage are an indication of the health of the root.

-The root channels the nourishment to the plant.

-The root gives support to the tree.

Spiritually speaking, where are our roots.? What are we rooted in?

The believer should be rooted in Christ, love, and righteousness.

1. Christ
Colossians 2:4-7
V. 3 All wisdom and knowledge is in Christ.
V. 4 Beware of persuasive words, do not be perceived. The truth needs no persuasive words.
V.5 Paul rejoiced with them because their roots were in the truth, in Christ. It may be easy to defend the truth with words, but what about deeds?
V.6 He reminds them of their relationship with Christ. Walk in Him, trust and obey.
V.7 What is the key to this relationship? Be rooted in Christ. When we are rooted in him, we have a firm foundation.
If we are rooted in Christ, what are we being nourished with? What about the world?

Pests - The worst pests attack the roots. When they attack the roots the plant becomes unstable. Satan attacks the roots.

2. Love
Ephesians 3:16
V. 16 The inner man, not the outer man, the spiritual man will be be strengthened and empowered through His unfathomable riches.
V. 17 Are we yielded? Is he Lord? he is in our heart, do we make him feel at home?

Love Must Leave When Resentment Moves In

Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye. Colossians 3:13

I do not believe that a spirit of resentment can dwell in a loving heart.

In the course of scores of conferences and hundreds of conversations I have many times heard people say: "I resent that!"

But I have never heard those words used by any man or woman living in conscious Christian victory!

Before resentment can enter, love must take its flight and bitterness take over. The bitter soul will compile a list of slights at which it takes offense and will watch over itself like a mother bear over her cubs.

Few sights are more depressing than that of a professed Christian defending his supposed rights and bitterly resisting any attempt to violate them. Such a Christian has never accepted the way of the cross. The sweet graces of meekness and humility are unknown to him.

The only cure for this sort of thing is to die to self and rise with Christ into newness of life. The man who sets the will of God as his goal will reach that goal not by self-defense, but by self-abnegation. Then no matter what sort of treatment he receives from his fellow men he will be altogether at peace.

The will of God has been done-whether by curses or compliments he cares not, for he seeks not one or the other but only to do the will of God at any cost!

If there be some who take pleasure in holding him down, he is still content within himself, and will not resent them, for he seeks not advancement but the will of God.

August 7 – AW Tozer Renewed Day by Day

3. Righteousness

Proverbs 12:3,12

V. 3 Our profit is for eternity, wicked prosper temporally. The root of righteousness cannot be moved, the wicked cannot be rooted, it is not secure.

It is easier for us to look at the swaying branches, those things above ground, but we are to focus on the roots

V. 12 The righteous root bears fruit. In our lives, the fruit we have also shows the health of our roots.

Might this all be an encouragement for us to drive our roots deeper in Him.

Notes on a message by Dennis Blaser, 8/30/2009

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