September 3, 2009

A tiered skirt


  1. your skirt is so cute! I went to Googwill not long ago to get a skirt to do that very same thing. Our sewing machine is in storage... so I haven't gotten around to making the skirt yet.

  2. Too cute! My sister just found a skirt that she likes and is going to make it into one of those.

  3. That's such a cute skirt! Did you have a pattern, or are you just adding as many tiers as you want, increasing their length by just adding on X amount of inches?

  4. Sydney and Stephanie,
    I bought mine at a thrift store just for the purpose too! First time in my life I bought a skirt that short. :)

    I sort of used a pattern. :-) I didn't know the equation or formula for the length needed and how long and all that, so Loosely used a pattern for that. And now I just found a tutorial for how to do it by yourself, so I'll put a link in my sidebar eventually.

  5. That's really cute. My Mom would like to know how much fabric it took? Thanks.


  6. Joanna,
    What a lovely tiered skirt! I would *love* a tutorial on how to sew one!

    Your blog is so very encouraging and I especially enjoy seeing your posts on sewing, etc!