January 24, 2010

Revised Banners...

Perhaps I made it more difficult. :-)  Anyway, my Mom explained that if I left it people would pronounce it "jaw-snazz" and I really couldn't have that, so hopefully taking both of my name suggestions will make "joe-snazz" a more natural conclusion.  Also, the subtitle on the orange flower is darker and the shadow was taken off, hopefully making it easier to read.  And I figured that if I did decide to sell something else, I could just change the subtitle.  Vote for a font too. :-)


  1. Jo, greetings from AR. I found you by searching for those who love the Hymns. Your name turned up! How cool is that? You sound very mature for 15 and soooo in love with Jesus. That is the coolest! A daughter of hte MOst High King. Awesome. Me too.

    As for my favorite script...# 3 is my fav. Very clear and attractive - easy and appealing to the eye.

    Patrina <")>><

  2. Hard to choose...I do like the font in the 3rd one (I just think Jo-Snazz looks best in it). I also like two different fonts, though (one for the name, one for the "subtitle")...I still like the yellow flower better for readability...

    Sorry that probably wasn't much help!


  3. Great job! I think the second one for the yellow, and the second on orange one.

  4. third one - its the most readable.