January 28, 2010

Like on a keyboard?

On Wednesday night, at prayer meeting I was talking with two of the cutest kids ever.  Anika and Caleb (ages approx. 5 and 7) Are coming over to our house on Sunday with the rest of their family for lunch and some fellowship, so I decided I would try to get to know them better.  Here are two snippets of our conversation.  If your not sitting down, do so. :-)

Moi: "When you come over to our house maybe we could paint, that is one of Emily's favorite things to do"
Anika: "Sure! I love painting!...How do you paint? I've never painted before."

So I explain what painting is in the simplest form I can.  A little later...

Caleb: "Do you have games?"
Moi: "Oh yes, we have tons of games.  What do you like to play?"
Caleb: "Oh, well one we have is zombie slayer..."
Moi: "Oh... well, we don't have any video games...(I'm assuming that it is a video game?  Anybody ever heard of it?!)"
Caleb: "Then what games do you play?'
Moi: "Well, we have lots of board games and some card..."
Caleb: "Like on a keyboard?"
Moi: *?* "No, you play them, well, you play them on a board, you know, like cardboard, yeah, cardboard!  With pieces?..."

It was an experience.  I think they are in for a bit of culture shock this coming Sunday. :-)


  1. Sounds like you have a great opportunity to introduce them to the simple joys of real play. Too many children today just sit in front of a TV or computer screen all day. Hope you have a lovely time on Sunday! :)

  2. Ha! That's too funny! But also sad that is all young kids today know.