January 23, 2010

Etsy banners...

Hey!  I'm trying to get my etsy up and started, but I need some help.  Which banner, why, or neither and tell me what is wrong. Thanks so much!

*EDIT* - 1/24/10
Thanks so much for all your help! Now let me see if I can answer all the questions in a reasonable order... I took the photos, and I wish I could use the whole thing, the full versions look so much better, but that would make a very bulky banner. :-)
I didn't actually edit them at all just cropped them. Perhaps I should sharpen the bottom one like Nana said... anyhow, I made them in "Pages" (macs are amazing) and if I edited them, it would be in iPhoto. I appreciate your suggestions about the name... Here were my thoughts:
Josnazz sounds and looks the most like a brand name to me.
Organizing Mommy is my mother and grammar teacher; Jo-snazz is grammatically correct and I'm strongly considering it. JoSnazz is a good idea too, thanks Lauren, I had never thought of it.

Linnea, I've really been thinking about it, and jewelry/beaded stuff is going to be mainly what I'm selling, but I'm just warry of setting it in stone because there are other things I could potentially sell. I think I'm erring on the over cautious side. :-)

Let me take all your considerations into account and make a few more banners, I'll post them when they're done.


  1. You should put a hyphen between Jo-Snazz..

    I like the font on the top one with the orange flower in the bottom. OK?

  2. I really like the top one, it's bright and cheerful. It reminds me of Spring!

  3. I like the bottom one better, but I think that the color of the flower should be sharpened. Also you might want to use a different font or color on the "an etsy shop" line. Other then that they are both beautiful! What editor did you use on them?

  4. hmmm... They're both cute. To be picky...

    I like the font on the top one because it's easier to read. The second banner's "an etsy shop" is hard to read.

    I also think it would be a little easier to read if you wrote it as "JoSnazz" instead of "Josnazz"... but either way works. :)

    Hope this helps a little!


  5. Oooo...I love the second one! It's very fresh (not that yellow isn't fresh, but you don't see orange every day and it's very classy, IMHO ;)

  6. Wow, they are both really neat! Although I think both are great, if I had to choose, I would probably pick the first one.

  7. Joanna,

    Nice banners! Did you make them yourself? The only thing I would suggest is to have a subtitle and/or title that reflects what you're selling (jewelry, I assume?). Otherwise, I think I like the top one better (yellow) with the "Josnazz" outlined against the white background.

    Good work! Let me know when your shop is up and running!


  8. Hi Joanna! I like both, but I think I like the first one best, because the words are easier to read. Great photos! Did you take them?

  9. Hello Jo! :-) I like the first one the best because it is easy to see the text and it is very pretty! :-) I love the colors in the other one but it is hard to see "An etsy shop". Great job!! :-)What do you sell?