February 10, 2010

Like on a keyboard? The Continuation...

So, two weeks ago, as planned this family came over for lunch.  We didn't play video games, we didn't watch TV, and they didn't die!  We didn't play board games either, but we did paint.  These kids are so fun and outgoing, it was a pleasure to get to know the family better.
Caleb's painting

Like, probably all artists, I'm very picky about the water colors not getting mixed, which, of course is a rather hard concept for younger kids.  I spent the whole time drawing houses for them to color in, getting new water, cleaning out the watercolors and keeping the permanent marker off the table. :-)

Owen and Karissa

Before the paints came out I was able to hold Owen for a while and play with Karissa.  Anika had said that she liked Barbies, so she and Emily ran downstairs and played with them for a while.  Karrissa was happy with just about everything, and made imaginary food the whole time.  Oh, to be little again. :-)


  1. What a sweet family! The top photo looks so professional - I thought it was from a magazine at first.

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  3. Those are some super cute kiddos.