February 24, 2010

Thinking in Aqua

Its true!  Ever since I heard I've been thinking in aqua, light blue, teal, and lime green!  Its snowing out, and I have an insane urge to photograph some shells my great grandmother picked up years ago?

Well, it is quite simple.  We're going on a CRUISE!  For their 50th wedding anniversary, my grandparents are taking my family and all my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins on a week long cruise in the Caribbean Sea!  You too would grab every coral, sponge, and shell you could find and photograph it.  Trust me.  We're not going till November, for Thanksgiving, but I'm still really excited.  Emily is too.  She picked out her favorite shells and named them. :-)

L-R Row 1: Jena, Kelsi, Faxy, Guitar Pick
Row 2:Kenrietta, Juli, Mozzarella, John
Row 3: Charlotte, Will, Emily, and Duke.
Here is our ship, the princess Ruby!

Have a lovely day!


  1. How exciting!!!!!!!!! I've heard of three families now who've gone on cruises to the Carribbean with their grandparents for a 50th wedding anniversary. My grandparents went a cruise too for theirs, but didn't take anyone along.

    Those shells are lovely! I love that knobby piece of coral-something (the second of the smaller photos) and the curly shell directly below it.

    How cute, that Emily named some shells :) I'd never of thought of naming a shell "Guitar Pick" or "Mozzarella" :)

  2. Pretty pictures! We are going on a cruise soon for my grandparent's 50th anniversary soon too!

  3. Wow, a cruise! That should be exciting... :D

    I love your shells. They are so pretty.


    ~ Kira

  4. Hi Jo, Grandma Jo got those shells in Australia. Isn't that fabulous? Kind of sounds exotic.

    The cruise will be so fun. Maybe you should design the T-shirts in aqua and shells.

  5. Beautiful! My parents went to St Kitts (West Indies) last April and my Mom picked up the most gorgeous shells. We also collect a lot when we go the beach every September.

  6. Joanna, how fun! And I think that those are the prettiest photos I have ever seen of shells. Ever.

    How nice that you get to wait a few months to go on the cruise. I think the anticipation is one of best parts of any fun event. :)