February 21, 2010

Winter Olympics Pairs Skating Choice

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison

     This Canadian team didn't place in this Olympics, but I thought that they put on a great show.  Because of their program, even with its mistakes, their comeback, and their costume fashion, they are my favorite.  We'll just have to admit that they weren't the best, and I'm glad they didn't win, the Chinese couple definitely deserved it.  However, they are still my favorite pair.  I enjoyed their program, and I admire them for getting back on the ice.  In 2007, in Colorado, Jessica's face was slashed by her partner Bryce's skate blade while doing camel spins.  As a pair, to get back out on the ice, keep competing, and make it to the Olympics is very admirable.  Now onto the costumes. :-)  When they skated out the first thing I thought was: "Wow! Her chest is covered!".  I mean really, what is it about ice skaters and practically wearing nothing?  Anyway, I love the rick-rack, it gives Jessica's outfit a sort of vintage feel.  And, since Bryce's outfit could actually be worn, like, in real life, I think it gets a pretty good score.  Apart from the usual tightness and shortness of the skirts, I think this is the most modest outfit I've seen.
I love her hair too!


  1. I looked at your pictures but did not read the post, because we taped them (so we could skip all the commercials) are are watching it tonight;)

  2. p.s. Will come back after we watch them and read the actual post;)

  3. Oh, ice-skating is my favorite part of the Winter Olympics! :) You're right...their outfits are the most modest I've seen.

  4. hi Joanna
    i am happppy 4this gold

  5. ahhhh.... they're cute.
    LOVE her outfit! what did the back look like?

  6. I really enjoyed the ice dancing this year! I love ice skating, and have always dreamed of becoming an ice skater, {although I have never even been on ice!}

    But hope to be soon!

    YourSisterin Christ,