December 21, 2010


And ....

These pictures were also taken in the Piazza, on the Cruise ship.  I wore it on our second formal night, which was on Thanksgiving.

So.... how did I fix it?

Well, I ripped out everything but the upper bodice, because that was already beaded.  Then I set about remaking the midriff section.  I used a raspberry thai silk for this and the ties and ruffle.  I hand-ruched the front midriff section and just made decorative ties for the back, they don't do anything. :-P  
I darted the bodice to fit.  Those gathers that were there previously did NOT work.
Then I cut the skirt up into a skirt from Simplicity 2580, once again.  I didn't have a lot of fabric, so it was a little short.  I added a silk ruffle on the bottom and beaded above it.

note to self:  Thai silk is amazing!!!!!!!  It is a dream to work with, and though it does fray, fraying in minimal.

No zipper!  just kidding.  It has a hidden side zipper.  I gotta say, that is the most difficult zipper I have ever done.

In my hair are matching combs.  I'll edit this later with detail pictures, but for now, voila!

SO much better than the before, eh?


  1. The transformation is completely amazing! I absolutely love the darling silk ruffles and bow! I love the colors together and your shawl is so lovely! Great job, you look lovely! :)

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  2. Wow! It looks amazing.....and a little better than the previous one!


  3. Love everything about your re-make! The red is especially festive :)