December 29, 2010

Sixteen going on Seventeen

I'm so excited!  So... I am sixteen going on seventeen.  And I LOVE the Sound of Music.  Last year I didn't have a sweet 16 birthday party, we just you know, hung out.  We were pretty worn out with the Grad party and all. Anyway, this happens to be my golden birthday so.....I'm throwing a ball!  Yup!   I've been brainstorming about themes (renaissance, historic, regency, hoedown, formal etc.) and of course what I'm going to make to wear.  I've decided that I don't need to decide yet, but I DEFINITELY need to make Liesl's dress.  I was going to draft it, but here is a pattern!  I was SO excited when I found it.  Click on the pattern to go see where you can buy it.  What really cool is that it is made by a young girl who is concerned about modesty!

Ok, so design stuff.
In the movie it looks lavender at the table, and light blue/cream/aqua in the garden.  In the publicity photos though it is VERY obviously pink.  

So what color should I do mine?

I'm very undecided and I like them all.


  1. I love Liesel's dress in the Sound of Music! It's so light and feminine, with the pretty swishy fabric! I love the lavender/lilac/pink colored fabric! I'd definitely go a soft pink color - so pretty!

  2. That's so exciting! I *love* that dress! Hmm...what about sorta the same color but a little more pink-ish?

  3. Ooh! How exciting! Hm, I'm thinking a pink-ish lavender if possible. Because when out in the garden, the lighting is very blue, which gives it the blue-ish tint. But inside, the lighting is rather normal. And it looks as though the color in the publicity photo has been bumped up a bit to be a little more vibrant.

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll find just the right fabric :)
    Happy sewing!


  4. That is my absolute favorite dress and favorite scene from the Sound of Music! Actually, I was just gearing up to tackle combining patterns and "winging it" to figure out how to make the dress myself :D Now I don't have to! That pattern looks great!

    Hmmm.....if I was going to make the dress (which I am :P) I would probably make it that light-lavender-ish color, definitely not pink. :D Also, it depends on what shade of pink/purple looks best on you. Regardless of being "authentic" you wouldn't want to make a dress that you wouldn't want to wear :P *giggle* At least, that's what I say before I tackle costumes :D

    Have fun! That ball sounds terrific! Too bad I don't live closer to y'all :P

  5. Neat! I turned 17 in October and it was my golden birthday also! I'm sure that you will have a great time!