December 28, 2010

CoolBook 2011

Warning: This isn't a post for your brothers.  I don't want to stumble anyone.

   Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?  The Illinois Coolbook 2011.  Being all of 16, I'm going to the prom, right?  Well, no.  But they think so apparently.  Being the designing/sewing/fashion type I was a little excited, as anybody would be.  "Oh cool!  Maybe some inspiration, or at least I can see what is in this season."  Well, I was inspired and I now know what is in, but I can't say I was impressed.  In fact, I was rather appalled.  I know everybody is going green and cutting back, but really, putting holes in dresses?  Surely we are not that desperate! :-)  If you are interested in seeing what was in the book, it is all online.

The coolbook.  If this is cool, we ought to be so uncool.  Anyway, something I noticed, even though they were still strapless, the models all looked so much better in white!  The white dress pictures were taken outside with the sun in the background and flowers and if the dresses were more modest I would go so far as to say it was well made, very pretty, and very feminine.  However...

The pictures taken inside used (mostly) seductive poses, really bright colors, guady jewelry (all probably a throwback to who knows when), weird holes, and legs...

Hip high slits were ubiquitous and the models were obvious trying to show as much of their legs as possible.  Sequins and beads covered almost every bodice, drawing very inappropriate attention.  Seriously though, their whole carriage, there attitude would say the exact same thing even if she was wearing a turtleneck and long flowy skirt.

Girls who go to prom are 16, 17, or 18.  I'm 16.  Many of my readers are probably 14 to 19.  We are all in the same group guys.  This is what our generation thinks is cool.  Hopefully this isn't our view.  But what do we do?  
Think about it......

........What can we do?

There is so much sewing and design talent out there in the blogosphere.  You may not know who you are, but I've seen you.  You guys are great.  There has got to be something we can do!

How can we make a difference for Christ?  We all want to be different, but we should not be different for different's sake.  We need to be different for JESUS.  Get in your Bible and study.  Find out why you dress modestly and know how to defend it.  Be ready to give and answer as Timothy says.

We can make a difference gals. 

I'm working on something in my head and I'll post about it soon, but until then, just think about it.
And pray.


  1. I know how you feel. I gave up on finding nice dresses in the stores because they were either too revealing or simply too tiny. That's why I'm glad I can sew, so I can make something beautiful and modest.

  2. Those "dresses" are disgusting, and most of them (apart from being immodest) are ugly too. And I hate that, "by default", prom dresses are all low-cut, halter-top, or strapless! It's too bad, because some of the fabrics used are nice.

    When I do get a formal gown (for recitals), I plan on sewing my own...

  3. I SO agree with you, Joanna! Those pictures are disgusting and *very* immodest. We need to do something to change this--really DO something. Our world cannot continue to be corrupted.

    Maybe there would be some sort of an event we could create in the blogosphere to encourage young ladies to be more feminine and dress more modestly. Just an idea. If you have any other ideas, please email me at

    In Him,
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. The sad thing is that these "fashions" are aimed at young girls, and the girls that these dresses are aimed at keep getting younger and younger. As time goes on, who knows how bad these dresses will become; eventually anything will become acceptable. I don't know what has happened to decency...

  5. My first formal was the only one I ever bought. My family wasn't big on modesty, so it was pretty skimpy (granted, WAY less so than the photos you show). I spent the whole evening fidgeting and tugging to stay covered. Misery! I made everything from there on out (including a historically accurate Regency gown for Senior Prom). Wedding dresses are just as bad.

    I think the most tragic thing about these dresses, in addition to being downright scandalous, is that no real girl can feel comfortable -- or therefore beautiful -- in them. They're taped in place between photos, then computer adjusted to look beyond perfect. Put it on a REAL girl, at a REAL dance, with her REAL friends, and she'll be so concerned with keeping covered that she won't have a good time. A lovely gown with proper coverage and proper support (even mass market) would allow her to relax and truly enjoy herself. Isn't that why we go to parties, dances, and formals anyway?

  6. Completely agree, Joanna! As a girl who has been asked to prom numerous times, it is definitely difficult to get something "cute" but at the same time modest. PRAY! Lol.

    Thanks for your words of inspiration!