July 23, 2011

Grey "Office" skirt for Emily

With the extra fabric from Kara's vest I whipped up this 8 gore skirt for Emily.  Originally the pattern (just one piece) had elastic and was designed for various girly fat-quarters, but I just used enough to make it wearable with a side zipper.  

While we were up at our friends house in WI we were filming a movie and one of the scenes was in an office environment so technically this is a movie costume. :-)  Either way, she loves it. :-)
 bow embellishment

Covered zipper

Whipping up things for Emily has become so much fun and I am getting so inspired by all the mom blogs I read.  They make clothes sometimes for themselves, but mostly for their kids and have lots of great ideas. :-)  With some extra fabric I have I think it would be cool to make Emily some new princess costumes.  The only one I've made her so far is really simple and she loves it. :-)

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