July 19, 2011

Kara's Grey Pinstripe Vest

Hey!  This is Kara.  Kara is a VERY good friend.  In fact, her whole family is like a second family to me.  We were just up there for a week and a half and I was able to finish this vest I started for her a month or so ago.

I used Simplicity 2556, view c with a collar and 2 "pockets"
The grey pinstripe suiting I got on sale at Joann Farbics, and I believe the buttons came form there too...  the vest is lined the leftover pink broadcloth from the underskirt of my Masquerade dress.  The interfacing is far too stiff, but I had it laying around.  She loves it anyway. :-)  She even wore it in the film we made while we were up there.  So my name will probably be in the credits as part of costuming. :-)  Hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

This vest was actually very easy to make.  As usual, cutting out the pieces was the hardest part. :-)  Matching grains and making sure everything is straight is especially hard when I have an obvious stripe. 

Four black buttons... they are actually harder to place than I thought they might be.  Making the button-holes was SO much fun.
Speaking of buttonholes... THIS is a good use for them. :-)  
The "welts"
And the back...
We added a hook-n-eye because my buttons weren't  exactly right... :-)  Shhh!
And the lining...  Both side seams has to be hand sewn so the outside looks good. :-)


  1. Very nice job, Joanna! It looks so cute on your friend...love the pink lining. ^_^

  2. I love it. You did an awesome job.