October 13, 2011


Because doing french homework in cursive is just that much cooler. :-)

     Hello all!  I realize it has been a while since I updated you on my personal life.  So here is what is happening.  I'm a senior in high-school this year.   
At our homeschool co-op I am taking:
-Anatomy and Physiology : The Human Body by Dr. Jay L. Wile
-Algebra 2
-French 1
-Drama : Soda Shop Angel
I'm on a Model UN team, participating in FIRST robotics, starting a photography business, and staring in a movie.  Ok, so it isn't a full scale movie.  It is a homemade movie, but it is still going to be awesome.  It has been named E Pluribus Unum, you know, "Out of many one."  It's on our penny, in case you were wondering.  Joel made a trailer here.  We get to dress up and go see the premiere in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.  It is going to be awesome!  Because we have some pretty sweet and amazingly talented friends.  Anywho... Yes.  If is isn't obvious, I'm trying to start a photography business.  I'll be posting pictures here, but don't worry all you creative people.  I'll still be posting my sewing projects and such.

And, because catchlights are amazing, and I don't have any photos of myself....here I am. :-)

Have a wonderful night!


  1. You have such beautiful handwriting--I'm doing french, and believe it or not I was writing pretty much those exact same sentances the other day, and my writing is so uneven!
    and....you are a great photographer! Just sayin'.

  2. Hey Joanna! Sounds like you are keeping busy. ;-) That's really neat about the movie! Also, GREAT catchlight/sharp eye. Love it!