October 12, 2011

Natalie - Class of 2012

This is Natalie.  She rocks!  Natalie and her sister Carolyn (my assistant for Casey's senior shoot) moved to Rockford only about 2 months ago, but we quickly became friends.  Of course, when you go on crazy lunch outings, go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, eat midnight meals, move furniture and clean up each others rooms together, how can you not be friends?  Anywho, Natalie is a senior this year so we treked downtown for an awesome photoshoot.  I must shout out to my brothers Hudson and Nathanael for tagging along and not only being bodyguards but making jokes on request.  So...here are some of the pictures form that day.

Natalie was so easy to work with and made my job super fun and easy.  Also, check out her outfits!  They are great.

*Leading lines!*

This on is my favorite I think. :-)

So Nat!

I LOVE this wall. :-)  I'll definitely be coming back.

Ahh!  My first rainbow flare!!!  Can you see it?  It's right there...that stripe right across the middle...see?  NO?  Well, it's there, trust me.

Love this one too...


Thank you Natalie SO much!  I had a blast.  Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful Jo!! What camera do you have? I'm saving up for a Canon EOS rebel T2i,so I was just wondering.

  2. Wonderful pictures! I love the angles and lighting. Photoshoots are so fun!

  3. Thanks Kimberly!

    And Blythe,
    I bought a T1i last summer. The T2i is an amazing camera, my brother just got one last week! If you want to save some money though, I'd got with the T1i. The T2i has several extra features but they are all movie features. If you're not going to be doing hard-core filming, I'd save the extra $100 dollars and put it toward some sweet glass. :-) (good lenses)


  4. You don't know how excited I was to see this post! I know Natalie...sort of. =) Her two older sisters, Renee and Katherine, go to our church, and my parents have been friends with their mom for a looong time.
    Joanna, once again you did such a beautiful job with Natalie's senior portraits...they're all lovely!
    Many blessings,