November 26, 2011

Lesko Family

The Lesko Family!  These guys. are. fun.  I met them just slightly over 10 years ago.  Back when Shawn and I were the same height. :-)  Mr. Lesko works with my Dad and the family goes to church with us.  Shannen and I have grown close over the years and you'll probably be seeing her sewing projects on here at some time.  She has been learning so much, and her last dress is just gorgeous!  I'll have to have her model it for us. :-)  Shawn actually is my older brother Jamie's roommate at Mich Tech and brought him back to us for Thanksgiving, which was so nice.  We got some family pictures of our own while they were here.  There may be a blog post on that to follow...   

 Shawn and Shannen

Mr. and Mrs.

This is probably my favorite all day.  Such real smiles!

 Pretty much. ;-)

Thanks so much Leskos!  I had a blast! and thank you Shannen for coordinating the outfits, they worked out beautifully. :-)  It makes a big difference.


  1. Will you do photos for us when we visit next weekend?

  2. I love your photos, Joanna, keep up the great work! =) You just keep getting better and better.