May 7, 2012

Graduation Dress [Finished]

My graduation dress!  Yes it is odd that I finished this more than a week before graduation, but I wanted to wear it to our Hallstrom's Spring Banquet, which was last Friday evening.  True to form, I finished it the morning of. :-)  Anyway, this dress was actually really easy.  It only took probably 10 hours of work time from cutting to wearing.  I haven't added the tag yet, but I'm not sure if I'll actually do that yet. On to the details!

Pattern: Butterick 6467 OOP - off etsy from a blogger friend
Fabric from Joanns: Polyester Shantung (use fray check)
Project Runway ruched knit fabric (no hem!)

Ok.  I made view c.  This originally has a deep scoop neckline, contrast bodice and short sleeves.  I moved the neckline up a couple inches, skipped the sleeves, and modified the back.  Instead of making the zipper run all the way up to the base of the neck, I made it come only 2 inches up into the bodice.  I changed up the way I sewed the back bodice pieces so the rest would open like a collar and create a deep V opening in the back. 

I didn't cut the back pieces any differently, I just stitched the right sides together to where I marked and then flipped it and tacked it down.  I contemplated beading the back to add interest, but it would have been to much.  I used the reverse side of the shantung though, because it was shiny.

At the banquet and at graduation I'll be wearing camis under the dress like this to match the sashes I'll be wearing.  However, I believe I made the V high enough that I can skip the cami and sill hide a bra for more formal/grown up occasions.

p.s. the zipper is only like 5 inches long.  So nice when you're dealing with the knit skirt. :-)

The bodice has princess seams that go to the arm hole and is lined.  I used a very light maroon cotton and handstitched it down.  It looks so nice and neat on the inside.  As you can see from the left picture I did not line the skirt.  It is a very thick knit and it SO comfortable.  I could wear this all day.  Actually, I did.  All day Sunday.  I dressed it down so it was more like a maxi dress and it was so hassle free and elegant at the same time.

Ahh!  I love this dress.  I am officially addicted to knits and floor length skirts!  Actually, dresses too.  They are effortless.  I think I'm going to make one to bring to Europe.

 Neckline and armhole understitching.  When everything is sewn together and then pulled right-side-out through those relatively small straps you can't understitch very far, but I went as far as possible.
Oh, BTW, I didn't follow the directions.  :-)  I know, so edgy.

I cut the skirt about 40 inches wider at the bottom than the pattern was originally.  I was worried about the drape because that much knit fabric gets heavy and the sides would be on a bias with my modified cutting but it turned out just fine and now I have a gorgeous skirt that swishes and floats.

I also cut the back a little longer so I get a slight "train" effect.

Well, that is it!


  1. What an interesting fabric combination. You did a good job of it, and it turned out quite well!

  2. Wow, your dress is super cute! Great job! Thanks for sharing pictures. =)