May 31, 2012

18 for 18 Remix - Rolling vs. Bundling

Hey all!  Since I am traveling anyway and I have to fit all of my clothes for almost 3 weeks in a carryon, I figured I would participate in Ashley's Remix at Bramblewood Fashion.  I'll be changing it to 18 items for 18 days though. :-)

Per the rules, cami/tanks, scarves, and jewelry don't count in your number.  Here is what I'm bringing to Europe with me and how I packed it!

5 Bottoms
Denim Maxi skirt - Made by me
Brown tiered skirt - Made by me
Straight leg jeans - Goodwill (maurices)
Wide leg jeans - Handme down (Sonoma)
Khaki shorts - Goodwill (Sonoma)

10 Tops
Brown Jersey Cardi-wrap - Made by me
powder blue shirt - Goodwill (American Star)
Striped Dolman top - Made by me
Long sleeved red tee - Borrowed (Mossimo supply)
Grey blouse - Goodwill  (H&M)
Flowered blouse - Goodwill, but I saw some similar ones at Khols (Mudd)
Plaid button-up tunic - Goodwill (Sonoma)
Purple tee - Goodwill (cg-l-cg)
Modifed jacket vest thingy - borrowed (Converse One Star)
Denim looking rain coat - borrowed (Caslon)

2 pairs of shoes
Natrulizer walking shoes -gift from Grandma
Bandalino flip flops - also a gift from Grandma, now that I think about it.

1 dress!
I actually just finished it this morning.  It is a knit faux wrap dress. 

Now to packing.
Obviously I've been planning for this trip for a while since I knew we could only take a carry-on sized bag and camera bag.  I researched different packing methods and the bundling and rolling methods struck me as being the best.  I usually roll my things, but bundling eliminates pretty much all the wrinkles, so I wanted to try it.

I bundled it all up, but because I'm bringing a tripod and it is going at the bottom in between the shafts for the rollers I decided to roll small things and fill in the gaps before putting the bundle in.
Like so.

On top of my clothes I then have to put my laptop so I can take it out easily for security in the airport and there are some little things in the top part with the zipper.  As it turned out the bundle stuck up above the suit case almost 2 inches, which makes it a tight squeeze with the computer.

So then I tried rolling everything.  This worked much better and came up flush with the suitcase and left plenty of room for my laptop.

And here is how it looked with the clothes from the remix, pajamas, underthings, and a scarf...

And then with my computer. :-)  It all fits.  Now to mix and match everything and try to get pictures of myself everyday!  I certainly won't be posting everyday, but I'll catch up after the remix is over when I get back if I have to.  Are you doing the Remix?


  1. Have fun on your trip! And good job packing.. I am such a bad packer.. my suitcase is always a mess! :-)

  2. Your suitcase looks way better then mine did when I went over to London a few years ago. I can't wait to see all of your outfits!!!

  3. WANT to see pics of my little girl in all of these clothes!! UPDate blog PLllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssssssssse.

    Love, Mommy

  4. Woh I enjoy your articles, bookmarked!


  5. Always glad to read amazing articles.. Will be back for more for sure! Thank you for sharing