July 16, 2012

70s Pencil Skirt

P.S. The scarf is from Paris!

Pattern: Simplicity 2654, view D
Fabric: Heavy Polyester *almost* chevron fabric from thrift store for a dollar & white sheet for lining 
1 zipper that was given to us by a friend.
Talk about afordable!  

I made a size 12 on this skirt instead of my usual 10 because I've never had a pencil skirt before.  Yes, I've never worn a pencil skirt before. I love the overall look but I don't like the super tight look that frankly isn't modest and, come on people!  You can't move.  Why would you wear something you can't move in?  Thus I made a size larger.  It is a little loose around the waist but I like the comfortable fit in the hips.  I have, um, larger hips. Bummer.f
I am SO happy with how this skirt turned out!  It looks so professional on the inside. :-)

I added a full lining because the polyester/acrylic whatever it is rather itchy and let's face it, who wants to wear a slip ALL the time?  I cut it the same as the regular skirt and just treated it like a facing, it really is easy.  

Oh, I also lengthened the actual skirt a couple of inches because I'm rather tall and I wanted the skirt to come to my knees when I was sitting.  I ended up taking like 2 inches of hem in the end so I didn't have to make it as long.  That is ok though, because I love thick hems. :-)
The lining is just beautiful!  I'm so happy with it.  I was able to cary the triple stitching from the waistline and put it above the kick-pleat in the back and on the hem, which was cool too. :-)


I didn't fussy cut the fabric so not all the seams line up, but I'll keep working on that.

Waistline - I actually bought the pattern because of this little design element. :-)


See my skinned knee?  I love this skirt but it makes getting out of a tree in a rush more like falling out of a tree because I couldn't quite spread my legs far enough.  Pencil skirts I guess.   C'est la vie.


  1. I love it! The fabric is gorgeous. :)

  2. Love the chevron fabric! And it's an awesome color =)