July 25, 2012

Jegging Maxi Skirt

I'm really excited about this skirt.  I love the long maxi skirt fashions that are in these days so I've been planning on jumping on the band wagon and making a whole bunch of my own. :-)

This one is based very loosely on Butterick 3134. View C
Fabric: Jegging (jeans that are technically leggings) fabric on sale for $3 a yard.  Oh, yeah!  This stuff is perfect too because it looks like a lovely long denim skirt, but the drape is much nicer and it is as comfortable as your basic knit maxi skirt!

I cut the skirt for view C on a fold (except narrower as the fabric would permit) and made it longer.  I actually just cut out a rectangle for the waistband.  So I guess you could say I was just inspired by it.   There is no closure, which is sweet.  Knits rock.  

I wore it in London and Paris a lot.  I tried to not wear it when it was raining though because it is so long it just soaks up all the water. 

 When I was at the Eiffel Tower it was gorgeous and then it started pouring so the bottom 10 inches got super heavy and sand-laden. :-)



Twirls!  :-)
When sewing knits like this you've got to make the pattern 2 sizes smaller than you normally would.  It stretches so nicely, but if it is too big it just falls off. 

Nice skinny hem.

I just realized that this skirt makes me looks short (-er, ish, etc.)  Haha.

P.S. Do you like this dynamic view design?  I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it is really simple and I like that aspect.


  1. Yes I do like the new design. Where did you get the fabric?? It looks soooo comfortable! ;)

  2. Hi Katelyn! It IS comfortable! I got it at Joann Fabrics in the Red Tag Apparel fabrics so it was a great deal. :-)