August 23, 2012

Asparagus Knit Tee Refashion

Hey Guys!  I've never really done a refashion before.  I just don't think about getting clothes at good will that don't fit.  It always just slips my mind for some reason. ;-)  Anyway, I saw this t-shirt weaving thing on pinterest that pretty cool so I pinned it for later.  Then I got handed down this light green asparagus colored t-shirt.  It was a large AND had been all stretched out from wearing and washing.  I was going to throw it away, so I figured I could try the technique on it.

Before ---------------------------------------------------------After

If you're interested in doing it yourself, above is the tutorial.

This does shrink the sleeves and scrunch them up so keep that in mind when picking out your shirt.  It would be perfect for really big sleeves that are too short.  You know, that awkward length where you can see your wrist joint?  Yeah, that shirt.  The one you never wear without rolling up the sleeves. :-)

I made my slits about an inch wide, so when I unfolded it they were around 2 inches.  I just wung (spelling?  winged it?  wung it?  hmmm...) it and made them approxamately 1/2 inch apart.  With the thickness of this knit I was only able to get 3 round of weave in.

So far it is fine, but I haven't washed it yet, so I don't know how it will hold up.  

See that pucker above the shoulder up there?  That is the part I don't get.  There aren't any good directions about how to secure the top part of the weave so I just stitched it down in the least visible and awkward way.

I also cut the crewneck off and widened the neckline.  I didn't not intend for it to get this wide, but I didn't account for stretch. :-(  Oh well, at least is isn't falling off my shoulders.  I finished it with variegated green thread in a blanket stitch.  Since it is knit you don't need any serious finishing, this was just for looks and to prevent any further stretch.

I serged in the side seams an inch a piece and then added a hand-stitched line around the bottom to tie in the neckline.

And here is my little photographer for today and tomorrow's post. :-)  She is only 7 but with some coaching she did a pretty good job.  It is cute but a bit hilarious watching her hold up a heavy camera the size of her head. :-)

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to get 2 faces in a 50mm lens?  


  1. This is just so creative - well done! I have just become your 100th follower (congratulations!!!) Off to have a peek around your blog...

  2. Why thank you Judith! :-) Have fun looking around!