August 24, 2012

Sparkly Denim Circle Skirt

Pattern:McCalls 5811 view B
Fabric: Sparkly medium wight denim (Joann's red tag)

I made this skirt almost a year ago for a Barn Dance.  I wanted a fun circle skirt that would look good at the dance as well as in regular life.  I didn't buy the sparkly denim for the project but it looked fun so I gave it a whirl.  After numerous washing the glitter has come out of the denim, but that is fine.  I still has a nice dark wash skirt. :-)

I used view b of the McCalls pattern only I didn't make it quite a full circle and I drafted my own waistband.  I'm not sure why.  It was a while ago. :-)  I wanted the fun swish and petticoat compatibility so it is still very full but I've found that the full circle is just too much.

I've not yet learned to lengthen the backside of my skirts so that I get an even hem.  I never think about it till the skirt is done and hemmed. .:-)  As you can see there is a side covered zipper and the waistband connects with hooks and eyes.  I have since purchased the larger flat version of the hook-and-eye because I like their stability and look better, but I didn't have them for this so I used 2 small sets.
I usually wear a belt, so it doesn't look too bad.

I put this on for pictures straight out of the wash, so the covered zipper isn't laying flat like usual and you can see the bias tape on the hem in my twirly pictures. :-)  Bellow is a picture from the Barn Dance.  If you look in the lower right corner you can barley see my zipper.  That is the way it is supposed to be and looks when you iron it. 

I love this method of using bias tape and then doing an invisible hem.  When you iron it (which I didn't) you can't even see the hem.  That is rare on circle skirts because they are usually so hard.  I always hand stitch this latter part of the hemming process.

While fitting the skirt part to the waistband I was stretching the fabric and when I got to the straight of grain is ripped like 3 inches!  Devastation!  Not really. It just took a piece of fabric behind and 2 failed patch attempts before I found something that looks right and doesn't need any maintenance.

 Now I wear it with all sorts of things and fun belts. White above.  Black below.

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  1. I love it! I used to have a skirt almost identical to that one (slightly longer, though) which I wore to death! I've got quite a bit of denim on hand, though, so I really ought to make it again. :D