December 9, 2012

Design Details - My Navy Gown

Here is the first sewing post referenced here.  I'm design a formal gown to wear for any number of things in the future but specifically to be worn to out next premiere.

Fabric: Navy blue Casa Collection lace form Joann Fabrics.  Navy blue baroque satin from Joann fabrics.  I meant to get taffeta so that it would have more body. (I wanted the skirt on the vogue dress below to stand out more) but silly me just went by the sign above the bolts instead of looking at the actual bolt.  If had thought about it I would have known just from the feel of the fabric.  Oh well, it may work out better now anyway bec

Vogue 8814 with a modified neckline on the left.  I bought the satin and lace with this one in mind.  I was so taken with it when I saw it the first time.  Because that is the case I know I have enough fabric for the full skirt.

McCalls 6029 is on the right.  This style on the right is very in now and very modest. I'm not sure how it looks on me or how it would look with a lace overlay.

This has no pattern.  I designed it with a 1920s feel and more modern back.  The skirt is a little fuller than it looks here and the sash is full with a full bow in the back made of the same satin as the under-layer.  It was in preparation for this bodice that I experimented with a lace table cloth and made a summer cocktail dress out of scraps.  It didn't have the right back though, I still need to work that out with a toile if I go with this design.

Opinions?  I'm torn and have only a month to work the finished product into my schedule.

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