December 6, 2012

Premiere Projects - Index

More people from this area were in our latest movie or are associated (think BlimeyCow associated ;-) with people who were, so us girls decided to make our formal gowns for the premiere together.

Don't know what a premiere is?  Check out the E Pluribus Unum Premiere.

After we decided that, we undecided it.  The one other seamstress is crazy busy and the other two don't know how to sew.  So, I'm doing most of it.  Here is what you're going to be seeing for the next month...

  1. Design posts about my dress - navy satin and navy lace

2. Arabella - eggplant satin and eggplant chiffon (maybe some beading?)

3. Carolyn's sewing progress - forest christmas dress to learn techniques

4. Design work - black satin and black lace with a cream satin embellished sash (and sewing progress when it gets started)

5. Post on my "mock up" dress in prep for this whole endeavor. :-)

Images are very loose representations of the actual piece from google. :-)  

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