February 7, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: onze


  • Driving your brother to the library to pick up books that he needs for school the next day.  Simple enough, right?  Yeah...no.  After looking around for a while we finally find 1 book that will work.  Better than nothing.  Than goes to check it out.  Oops, we forgot all the library cards.  Well, we usually  just use our mom's anyway.  "Can I see some ID?"  Sure!  Reaching for his back pocket...no wallet.  Hmmm, must have left it at home.  But my sister has some!  Of course I do!  I mean, duh, I drove him here.  I'm supposed to be the responsible adult, you know?  "Your driver's license is fine."  *reaches into purse* Looks down into purse* Gives lady a distressed grin*  Funny thing Ma'am, uh, I don't have it with me.  I can't believe I drove the car without my license!  Anyway, just to prove we weren't some homeschool delinquents who jacked a car and were planning to steal the library book as well, we drove home to get my license and came back so we could check out the one silly book.  Awkward enough by itself, but compounded by the fact that also standing there was an acquaintance of mine who is also the big sister of two of the guys on the same basketball team as Than.  I suppose though, +Allison Bunke that it is better you saw the worst of us.  We shall have to redeem ourselves by having y'all over to go sledding, drink hot chocolate, and play some boardgames.  What do you think?  :-) 
  • Trying to figure out how to respond when a friend repeats back to you the same information you told her a couple months ago...I guess I should just be flattered that she remembers, even if she doesn't remember where she learned it. :-)
  • We're going to visit my brother this weekend!
  • This new workout I'm doing every morning.  Thanks Hannie! (P.S. She is also an amazing photographer and designer, she is designing my website!  You should check her out on facebook.)

  • My Social Justice course I'm taking through CollegePlus!  It has been so worthwhile.
  • This song by Kate and Sarah Sparks. Home.
  • Helping chaperone Emily's 8th birthday party.  Little kids are the bomb. :-)


  1. I am completely down with that! If this is the payment I receive for being a bystander to interesting incidents, I shall have to do this more often. ;-) And you guys pulled it off very nicely - quite cool, calm, and collected. :-)

  2. The older sister shame moment made me laugh ! When I was a kid, my oldest brother took me to the Louvre in Paris, and in the train some policemen asked him who was this little girl, and required him to justify his identity...We don't exactly look the same and he was really embarassed because at first he couldn't find his ID !!!
    Anyways, I love seeing this workout *pinning it RIGHT NOW* which must be tough...Mine looks like this but less reps and more exercises...
    Have a great day !

  3. Mm, I love that song. And I'm pretty sure my siblings and I have had nearly the same thing happen at our library! :)