February 27, 2013

Pepsi Blue Pencil Skirt

Pattern: Burda Style 7069 view b with lining
Supplies: Wool from mother, zipper form stash, sheet lining, rayon waist facing from stash (a preview of one of my spring projects. :-)

The moths got into my mom's fabric collection a while ago and ate some holes through this beautiful length of bright blue wool.  She was going to get rid of it, but I snagged it and figured I could work around the holes.  It has been sitting in my stash for a couple years just waiting for the perfect project.

Then I saw this picture on facebook:

The lovely Mimi and Hosanna!
I met them at Winter Retreat, and you met them here. Anyway, Hosanna is super cute and always fashionable.  I saw these pictures on facebook and got inspired to make this skirt!  I knew I had the wool in my stash and had just gotten this burda pattern for the other version, so it was a no brainer!  She was so kind as to let me use her picture. :-)  Thanks Hosanna!

At Joann Fabrics the other day I looked at the wool and it was priced $36 a yard.  Yikes.  So this skirt would have cost at least $50 for just supplies.  With the time and custom tailoring *wink* this skirt is probably worth $100.  And I didn't pay anything.  Frugality FTW!

I've ironed this like crazy, but it was folded for so long that the crease in the front is especially stubborn.  Hence the wrinkles.

I'm so glad I checked the measurements on the pattern envelope on this one.  Burda is made in GERMANY.  Their patterns are made to flatter american women, they say it like it it.  I run a size 10 in Simplicity and Butterick and McCalls pretty consistently, but I made a 14 in this and it was almost perfect (it was a little tight for my closet).

Back slit.  I took these before I hemmed it, but I used an invisible hem anyway, so you can't see it. ;-)

View B is very long.  I wanted a knee length skirt, so I ended up cutting probably 4 inches off the lining and 1 1/2 inches off the wool before I took massive hems out of both.

 Outside: Front - Back (pre-hemming, obviously. :-)

 Inside: Front - Back

Nice neat lining on the inside. :-)

I didn't have an invisible zipper, so I just did the simplest/smallest insertion I could.

I purposely put a different fabric in for the facing because I just love articles of clothing (especially shoes!) that have that surprise creative fabric.  It just makes me smile.  Seriously.  All other things being equal I would choose the piece with the cute inside.

After I finished the skirt I put is on with heels and everything and found that it was the perfect pencil skirt.  Bummer.  See, pencil skirts are designed these days to be a little more than just straight, they like to hug you.  What I'm trying to say is that is was to tight.  Some things just...uh, don't need extra attention.  So I had to go back in and let it out a bit.

Now my grandma, mom, and both my brothers are happy with it. :-)  
Oh, and I'm happy with it too, I think I forgot to mention that...

Can't wait to use this pattern again with the other view or maybe a black pencil?  Everybody needs one of those, don't they?

Great!  Now, how to work this super loud and bouncy piece into my rather quiet and laidback wardrobe?? ;-)


  1. I love the skirt. I took the Burda # down....maybe....just maybe...I will take time to sew. I too, have some stash! Black and grey. However, I think your blue is MUCH more fashionable. Try a black tunic top and black tights....or black turtleneck and black leggings?

  2. That is way cool. I like the bright blue. I have seen it with black top and black tights. Of course white would be dynamic with it as well.

  3. This is stinkin' adorable!! I'm not sure whether I'm more impressed by your sewing prowess or creativity...we'll go with simply "very impressed". :-D

  4. Love the color of this skirt, Joanna! And I love how you paired the skirt with the shirt, scarf, shoes, etc, in the last pictures. I really should pull out some of my sewing projects again, so thanks for sharing your inspiring sewing projects with us! Blessings, Joanna!

  5. I admire your amazing sewing habilities (I think that a good piece of clothing has to be at least as beautiful in the inside than in the outside - and it's the case with that skirt !) and also by the choice of color ! This bright blue is perfect to fight the winter blah, and I love how the skirt fits you !
    Great job...
    Blessings on your weekend !

  6. This is so cute! LOVE the color! and... you are so pretty!