March 19, 2013

FIRE Basketball

Our family tried something new this past year.  Being a sports family...sorta.  Nathanael joined the Rockford FIRE basketball team!

Many of the kids and coaches go to and have kids in our homeschool co-op.  It is a Christian homeschool team and they're pretty awesome.

Nathanael plays on the 14U (That means '14 and under' for those of you who are as sports illiterate as I) team.  FIRE also has a 12U, JV, and Varsity teams.  We've gone to couple games and I think it is safe to say I'm hooked.

The first few games/practices I brought like 3 books along thinking I could read when it got slow.  It turns out that it isn't much good because you keep losing your page when you have to clap every couple seconds.  So I gave it up and dedicated myself to sitting in the back row looking very austere and clapping formally.

Not so any longer.  I yelled and cheered for the first time last Monday and I was (yikes!) in the front row.  This is dangerous folks.  There is so much momentum in both the basketballs and the kids that if something goes wrong you're pretty much toast.

One of the Mom's got sacked at an away game we went to and a couple people have had to react with gazelle like speed to catch a ball that was headed straight for the top knot of their grandmas.

It has been a good experience and I'm glad Than likes it.  His team won 20 of their 22 games and their regional championship and are now wrapping up the season now with a week at Nationals.  Go FIRE!

My brother is number 53, if you couldn't tell. :-)

And, if you haven't already seen this movie that has been circulating because of its uniqueness, check it out.  A player from the opposing team gives the ball to a player from the other team so he can make his first point ever.  It means a lot more to me having a brother in basketball now.

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  1. Go FIRE ! Great pictures BTW ! I used to play basketball in my college's team when I was an undergrad. Sadly I had a bad accident in the US (summer 2011) and have serious problems so now I have to avoid this kind of sports...So sad :-(
    Blessings from France !