March 30, 2013

"Our Christ is Alive!"

Thousands, ten thousands, even millions will proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ form the dead this weekend.  This Easter - Resurrection Sunday - more likely than not, you will be greeted with a jubilant "He is risen!" You will respond, "He is risen indeed."

You may say it because it is expected.  You may not even think about it, but simply say it out of habit. Or you might actually believe it and say it from the depths of your heart.  You may realize how crucial this truth is to your faith and salvation and, overcome with wonder, just utter it in a reverent whisper.

"He is risen ."

Then, full of thankfulness for Christ's sacrifice and his power that has put to death sin and death itself, you repeat it:

"He is risen indeed."

In joy, meditating on this miraculous event and realizing that it is finished; the war has been won; the blow has been dealt; Jesus will be the victor; and that he has set his people free you cry out again:

"He is risen!  Our Christ is alive!"

What would you give to say those words?  

We, with our "first world" problems, new easter outfits, chocolate and egg hunts don't usually think about what we are doing.  Easter is a holiday for getting together with extended relatives, dressing up, eating Ham, relaxing, going to an extra church service maybe and getting some extra sleep, right?  I mean, come on, the easter bunny is a pagan tradition, right?  So easter is just another excuse catch up on school and hang out.  

Is it?  Yeah, I get the whole bunny thing, I think it is pretty messed up too, but let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater.  In this country we have the awesome opportunity to proclaim from the housetops that Jesus is alive!

We have a savior who lives!  Do you understand how big of a deal this is?  It is incredible.  We should be so super psyched about this.  If not for our own sakes we should be excited and on fire about this for our brothers and sisters who can't be.

Asia Bibi.  You've probably heard about her by now because her story is all over the web.  Voice of the Martyrs brought her story to the world's attention back in 2009 when she was arrested, convicted of blasphemy under pakistani law and sentenced to death for the following:

"Our Christ sacrificed his life on the cross for our sins. 
...Our Christ is alive."

Three years later, thanks to international cries for mercy and petitions, Asia is still alive.  But she still sits in prison.  Would consider joining the cry for mercy?  Will you sign the petition and pray for her release with thousands around the globe?

Would you stand like Asia for what you believe?

Would you still say that Christ is alive, if it cost you your life?


  1. This made my day beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    He is risen. My soul sings at the sound!

  2. Great post and beautifully put, Joanna ! I totally agree on the bunny thing, and hate it (though I have a weakness for chocolate, but this happens all year round, not only at Easter ! anyways...) With my church this afternoon we went to sing in a retirement home and tomorrow we're going to the prison ! PTL for open doors and possibilities to proclaim that our Savior is alive !
    My church is also regularly praying for Asia Bibi. And our God is mighty to let her go free !
    Blessings on your resurrection sunday !