May 11, 2013

For My Mom

Dear Mom,

For all the late nights, tears, headaches, aches, & pains;
I thank you.
For all the songs, stories, rhythms, encouragements & books read aloud;
I thank you.
For all the dances, hugs, back-rubs, massages, ring-around-the-rosies, tickles, & tumbles;
I thank you.
For all the homework helps, smiley faces, challenges, successes & book-learning;
I thank you.
For all the favorite meals, snacks, & bandaids on my boo-boos (or stitches my face);
I thank you.
For all the craft skills, tea parties & dress-up clothes;
I thank you.

For your honesty and openness, not only of your home but of your heart; for loving my Daddy and showing my what a godly marriage looks like; for your quickness to forgive and ask forgiveness, for your spontaneity; for your grace; for your passion; for being a doer; for being a try-er; for falling down and picking yourself right back up; for always believing in me;

Mom, you're the best
No, seriously.  You're the coolest Mom in the history of moms.

Even when you fail at using pop slang the right way or sing at the top of your lungs in the middle of the grocery store parking lot.

Even though I haven't told you everyday or even every week or month I can start now:

I love you!

I love you mum, and I hope one day I can be as awesome of a mom as you are.

Thank you for not giving up.
Thanks for being mine.

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