May 12, 2013


I got my hair cut about a week ago.  I'd been planning on it for a while, but I finally decided to get it done this past week.  I went up to the Youth Conference in Appleton, WI and one of my friends there is in cosmetology school.  We got to talking about it over ice cream and we decided to just do it the next day during the 4 hour sports/fellowship break.

For some background, here is what my hair looked like LAST spring.  I got it cut just before I went to London.  I got side bangs and layers and all that jazz.  I thought it was SO short.  haha.  Yeah, no I see what my friends were saying.  It's not short. :-)

 Spring 2012

Summer 2012 - right before London

 Winter/Spring (It can't seem to decide, and it's May!) 2013
It grew probably 5+ inches in almost a year.  Time for something a little more drastic!

Summer 2013
These are my best friends Emily and Kara.  We always dress Indian on Sundays when I visit. :-) Sometimes it's chudidars and more recently it's been saris.  I love them.  LOVE them. 

Still getting used to the shorter bangs and the feel, but I do really like it.  I can still wear it any way I want, but ponytails are so incredibly fun!

It swings and bounces like you wouldn't believe.  

Just barely layered.  I love it!

P.S. Self portraits are really awkward.


  1. Your haircut is so pretty! :)

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