July 23, 2013

Tie-front Blouse Refashion

Before // After

I grabbed this lovely old blouse with shoulder pads, embroidered collar and cuffs from my Grandma's going-to-goodwill bag.  The color was perfect and the hand was beautiful.  Grandma told me how beautifully it draped and washed up.  So I stashed it away.

Inspiration hit a week or so ago and I took the shoulder pads out, un picked the collar and cut off the sleeves.  Presto tank-o!  

I took in the sides, bound the arm-holes and modified the neckline so that I could add ties.

I was able to cut the both sleeves in half lengthwise and have enough fabric for the ties.  Yippee!

I attached it in the back like a collar.  All in all it only took approx. 2 hours!  And now I have a neat blouse and some more experience with ties. :)  I absolutely love them.  I find myself wanting to add ties, cut-outs, or buttons to everything.

 And I'm back to studying!  :-)

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