July 6, 2013

Hawaiian Shirtdress Refashion

Today I have a quickie sewing project I did a couple weeks ago.  Knee deep in studying I decided to finally clean my "studio" room and all the open spaces triggered my creativity. So textbooks flew off the agenda and out came the tape measure, scissors, and sewing machine!

Mom bought this top for my Dad at a thrift store because she like the print and it was high quality.  I knew Daddy wouldn't wear it, so we agreed that I would make something else out of it.

I preserved the original collar, hem, pocket and button-holes. It went super quickly.

Instead of sleeves I pulled out some lace trim and added it to the cap sleeve hem with a zig zag stitch.

That's my twirly girl!

I unpicked the pocket and sewed it right back on 5 inches lower.

Add some piping and gather up the skirt and that's the end!

A new summer dress for Emily.  The best part?  I did it while my Mom was gone, and when she got back she saw it hanging in the bathroom and asked my Grandma how much she owed her for it!  She thought my Grandma had picked it up for Emm at Khols!

P.S.  Emily got saved 2 weeks ago!  We're ecstatic over here.  Praise Jesus!


  1. This is super cute, great job!! I would never have thought it was a quick project. Love that it was a refashion too!

  2. Ah! That's awesome, I need to try copying that idea! :D