September 8, 2013

2 Weeks In A Carry-on ❘ Take 2

Well hullo!  The last time I posted about packing was just over a year ago.  I was going to Europe for 18 days and packing in carry-ons exclusively.  If you're curious, you can go back and read it.

Earlier this year I spent 2 weeks in Grand Rapids and once again successfully packed in only a carry-on and my red shoulder bag/purse.

Now I'm in Colorado Springs for 2 weeks.  Doing what?  Interning for the amazing IPS and hanging out with new friends!

So I took pictures of all the clothing I brought and packed into my carry-on bag.  Keep in mind I feet all my extras like a hairbrush, make-up, extra lens, a book, my laptop, all other chargers and electronics, a reflector and some girly stuff.  Wow.  But hey, you save money on checked baggage and it is so much easier to carry around.  Oh.  And skip baggage claim.  Good stuff folks, you really should try it.

Keep in mind, I knew I would be able to wash clothes on day 9.

8 shirts (one of which I wore on the plane)

1 black maxi skirt, 2 khaki shorts, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of khaki slacks (which I wore on the plane)

exercise clothes and pajamas

Socks, underwear, tanks, etc.

2 scarves, 1 belt (i wore it on the plane)

I brought a warm black jacket on the plane and packed this sweatshirt.

I brought 2 pairs of shoes.  Those in the picture and the pair I wore on the plane.  Honestly though, I should have brought some flip-flops.

In my red bag I carried my liquids in their quart sized bag (crazy 3-1-1 rule).

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