October 9, 2013

Hawaii Vlog 2: Slow Beginnings

In general, I say it is bad form to apologize when presenting in front of an audience.  Don't get up and do a lousy job.  You undercut your message and strip all credibility you may have had when you begin with "Sorry" and give an excuse, no matter how legitimate.  It is bad form.  Don't apologize unless you've offended someone.  (Then you should beg their forgiveness of course and make things right.)

Anyway...yeah, so nevermind. ;-)  Enjoy this awesome video.

Oh, how nervous I get as soon as I'm in front of a rolling camera by myself!

1 comment:

  1. Oh sweetness! Yes, I remember those curtains! It was definitely time to update them! Woo! And yes, I was doubtful that they would let you put any vids of the kids. :) I like seeing you and the scenery. thanks so much!