January 13, 2009


     I'm so sorry!  I feel like I have completely abandoned all my blogger friends!  Well, I haven't.  So what is happening?  School started today!  Yah!  The first week is always nice because there is not a lot of work.  For all of my readers who love books, the next book I am going to dig into for school is an Agatha Christie.  I have never read any of her books, but I know that they are mysteries.  This one is called "Ten little Indians", or "And Then there were None" (because it changed names after the second and third editions were printed. )  Everyone I have talked to says that it is really good, but I'm not so sure.  So far as I know, everyone gets murdered.  Doesn't make it sound very appealing?  My thoughts exactly.  
  In art we made stamps today.  I was feeling rather artistic, so I did mine a little different than I usually do.  It turned out great!  I did our state bird, the Cardinal.  I am really happy with it.  I will post pictures and some details about the process if you want me to.  Just comment and say so!  I will most likely be posting very short posts until next Monday.  Why?  I am privy to a very large secret, which I am so excited about, but alas, I cannot post about it yet.  Don't worry, when I do, it will be very good!
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  1. Hey there!

    I have never read Agatha Christie before, but my sister and I played a computer game based on her book "And Then There Were None".
    Everyone was "eliminated" as written in the rhyme... It was kind of creepy!

  2. I would like to see how you made the stamps. If you do not mind. :)


  3. Oooo--you've made me die with anticipation (I I only read about the secret ten seconds ago)!

    Ditto about the blog ignoring...I haven't really been on since before Christmas!

    Where did you get the little mood indicators? Do you know if they have other themes? Thanks.

  4. lol
    No a book where every one gets murdered doesn't sound very appealing.
    Ever since school started i haven't had much time for my blog either.


  5. Hi Joanna,
    There's an old black and white movie based on "Ten Little Indians" which ends in a more pleasant way - you should see it if you like the book (or if you don't, too!).