March 7, 2009

Award Time

Wow, OK, I have gotten so many awards lately that I'm just gonna post them all together. I'm sorry if you gave them to me, I don't have time to do a bunch of links!

The "Gold Star Blog Award"

The "Aragorn" award
The "One lovely Blog"
And my favorite, the "Courageous Christian" award
I know I'm supposed to give this to a bunch of people, but I really don't have time. We have house guests tonight, and I have to clean my room. :) How about... If your birthday is in January, February, or March, you receive these awards!



  1. Seriously? My birthday is in February. Hmm... so which one?


  2. I made the Aragorn one :)

  3. I tagged YOU on my blog : )


  4. Oh my. . . my birthday is in March! LOL!