March 4, 2009


Search & Win
  So, before you throw this post out as junk, please read it!  I wouldn't post it if I didn't think it were on the level.  Swagbucks was shown to me by a very good friend, she has already earned over a hundred swagbucks and redeemed them for a gift-card.  All you have to do is sign up and use it like you would use Google.  Occasionally it will award you a swagbuck.  These you can redeem for some pretty cool prizes.  I even heard of a couple that sponsored their whole Christmas shopping list off of swagbucks!  So, if you believe its on the level, try it.  You will be helping me get swagbucks in the process. :)  Here is the link.

Also, I only have 2 comments on my "Pay it Forward" post.  Please comment!  I need three!


  1. thanks for entering. about you question, well, I would prefere if you took it without making is all black or sepia or anything else.

  2. Hmmm, sounds sorta interesting. I doubt I'd try it though, I like Google too much. ;)
    ~Lt. Prince

  3. Awel Prince,
    The weird thing is, it actually uses google! But it also uses "Ask" and has an interesting comparison shopping section.


  4. Joanna! I would LOVE to be pen pals! Actually, I am going to make your gift this weekend and I wrote you a letter, asking you if you might like to write to each other.:):) I can't wait until we start.
    Miss Hannah

  5. Thank you so much for following my blog! I am following yours too.