May 2, 2009

Atlanta Trip part 3

Day 3.5:
     After Dialog in the dark, everyone feels like some ice cream, so we cross the street.  There was at total of 24 flavors, plus every kind of goodie and fudge you can imagine.  Has you ever had coconut ice cream?  Its really good!  But then, I like just about everything coconut.   Peanut butter ice cream is really good too.

Here is somebody's ice cream
And a lovely picture of me. (sarcasm)

Most of the rest of our family.

And the Duffs.

They have some really cool light fixtures, don't they?

     As we were heading out the door we stopped to watch this guy make waffle cones and waffle bowls.  It really is very simple, but you need a special waffle iron.  Turns out, he is a christian named John.  He has been trying to set up outdoor prayer meetings in the area for some time.  Well, we didn't actually leave till about 20 minutes, and 4 waffles, later.

Anslee with her waffle
John with the waffles

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  1. Wow, I live just 2-3 hours from Atlanta!
    Too bad we couldn't have met up!
    Ah, well. Lol.