November 29, 2009

Hope Chests - Opinions?

I can't decide!  I know somethings that I want it to include, but I just can't decide on the design!  Can you help me?

I like the feet on this one...

I like the panels on this one...

I really like the drawers on this one...


  1. They're all pretty, but the last is my favorite! I like the drawers as well as the style! :)

  2. Oooh, they're all very sweet!

    I received my Hope Chest 3 years ago, and it's cedar, so it smells very nice. It has a pretty design on the front, but is rather simple. I love it very much. It's already collecting many things for my future life and home.

    You'll want to choose something lovely that will look good in your future home, and hold all of the things that you want to go inside. It will need to b sturdy, as well.

    When I get married and empty (for the most part) my chest, I will store things like my children's artwork and special things that they'll want to save in it. And probably a photo album of my wedding day, etc.

    I especially like the chest in photo 4, but all of them are lovely.
    I can't wait to see what you choose. :)


  3. I like the second one, it looks the most like mine :)
    Are you going to order one soon? How long have you wanted one?

  4. Livvy,
    Thanks for the tips! I know that I need something very durable, and all of the ones here are well built. One of the tradeoffs of the drawers is that there is less storage room.

    I think I'm leaning towards the last one. :-)

    I actually haven't been wanting one that long, maybe just a year. When I started thinking about it though I talked to my Dad, and we decided that we would make it together and have it done by my sixteenth, no, I'm not ordering one soon. :-)


  5. Okay. My dad and I built mine for my thirteenth birthday (but it wasn't done until right before my fourteenth :) )

  6. If your making it, a little shelf or drawer is nice for some of the smaller special things.


  7. I like the second from the bottom. And the first chest, too.