May 4, 2011

The Lime Summer Dress

It is finished!  I finished it a couple of weeks ago, just in time for Resurrection Sunday.  Hallelujah!  We serve a risen Savior!

The Front

Pattern: NewLOOK 6589? View A without belt.
Lime Organdy from at $1.95/yd
5mm silk from Dharma trading (not the best for this project)
An old zipper from our stash
Part of an white cotton sheet.

I love this dress!  If you read my earlier posts then you know that I was struggling with the sheerness of the organdy and the sheerness of the silk I had planned to line it in.  You could see through it.  Not good.  Well, I made the entire dress up and it was pitiful.  So, I took the dress apart.  Well, most of it.  I took the skirt off and dissected the bodice.  I added a layer of the cotton sheet to the bodice and made a separate cotton skirt to line the real skirt.  I took a coupled hours, but boy, was it worth it!  To the hem of the skirt lining I sewed a little lace, so it peaks out ever-so-gracefully. :-)

 What I love: The full skirt!  Look at those twirls!  I have full range of movement and can run and play ultimate frisbee in this dress.  Big Plus. :-)

What I want to change: The height of the neckline and the straps.  I place the straps by myself, so they are to far out and want to fall off my shoulders.  They are also to big, which doesn't help the next thing…The neckline is a little low.  The bodice fits perfectly, but I feel that is is a little low to wear by itself.  The back is pretty low too.  I added and inch to the pattern, anticipating this difficulty, but It still needs more.

I think I will put a tuck in the straps so they 1) stay on my shoulders and 2) keep the bodice as high as it can be.

Ok, last I checked, I had strawberry blond hair.  Why does it look so red here? 

The Back

I am SO glad I took the time to take this dress apart and restitch it the right way.  The inside is professional looking and feeling.  The one raw edge is serged and you can't tell it is there.

P.S. Nathanael and I getting better at taking pictures of me. ;-)

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  1. Love the color! Love the style! Love the dress!