May 13, 2011

Nat's Patch Bag

 Pattern: Slouchy Bags by Cindy Taylor Oates, views d w/o the pocket.
 Natalie hadn't ever sewn anything before, so we decided that we would make her a bag and finish it before we went on a field trip to Chicago the next day.  We were up till 11:30, but it was worth it.  The bag really doesn't take that long, but we made our own fabric, so that took a good deal of time.
All the edges are raw, and it looks SO neat.  We pulled parts of a towel, parts from a cut up flowered chiffon skirt, some corduroy, some cotton, some minky fabric, some quilting fabric, and a knit t-shirt from the scrap bag and went to work.  It is lined with a sturdy tablecloth so there isn't stress on the more delicate fabrics.  I think it turned out so nice!  Our approx. 5 inch squares were not very even, but she did a nice job.  When it came down to crunch time I did the darts and straps, but she did everything else.

Great job Nat!

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