May 13, 2011

Teal Cowl Top - the "teal knit saga" part 1

My darling Grandma Judy and I went shopping at Joann Fabrics a couple weeks ago during one of their big sales.  I picked up some button the the CPJ and 11 McCalls patterns.  If you're familiar with Joann's I'm sure you know what the red tag section is?  Well it is a sale section and it was 50% extra off at that time.  My friend and I are both really into teal/aqua at the moment, so I immediately thought of her when I saw this fabric.  Turns out that since it was only $1 a yard (!) my Grandma just bought the whole bolt for me!  Like 9 yards I think. :-)  Loveliness. :-)

So I gave some of it to Shannen and she is going to come over sometime and sew up a shirt.  I made one up yesterday afternoon to test the pattern and was  a little worried about the finished product, but I think it is growing on me.  Anyway, I wore this outfit to my awards ceremony last night and one of my new friends loved it and I told her she should make one. :-) So Kristiana will also be making one.

(Finally got to wear that pendant!  Been looking for something to match it. :-)
Here it is.

Pattern: McCalls 6034, view b

 The side...
Hemming knits is not the loveliest task in the work, so thankfully this pattern only requires the back of the neck to be hemmed.
 The back.

I realize I am wearing it a little short here, but with this skirt it did not sit well very low.  I tried it on with jeans today and it works though. :-)

Pictures thanks to the tripod and self-timer. get a remote. ;-)


  1. That's lovely! Did you make the skirt too?

  2. Thanks! And no, I got the skirt at Khols a couple of years back. :-)

  3. Love the shirt! Maybe I'll make one for my next sewing project.

  4. That shirt is to die for! And I adore the color.