March 10, 2012

Blue and White Stripes

Hey Guys, have you seen this <-n Pinterest?  Well, I saw it and I thought it looked pretty cool.  Hop on over to to see her other work.  I read her tutorial and had some SUPER stretchy blue and white striped knit that I had tried to make a maxi skirt out of (epic fail, by the way) so, I thought I would give it a try.  It turned out way to big but I just took everything in like 3 inches and it is fine now.

There are only 5 seams: one on each side, the neck hole and one for each cuff.  Except for the cuffs, the shirt is one piece of fabric.  No shoulder or sleeve seams. :-) 

EDIT: Than took this earlier this year, closer to the time I actually made the top.

It is So comfortable and I really like the boatneck.  I'll be making more dolman sleeve tops in the future. :-)

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