November 29, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: neuf

  • Overhearing bits of conversations like "they're so much creepier when they're upset..."  
  • People presume that I'm my Dad's wife when we are by ourselves.  Do I look that old?  Or does he look that young?  Or are they somehow missing that I resemble him like a daughter would??
  • How many people have come over to our house for a meal any number of years ago and we can't remember them.  I remember everybody.  But I have NO recollection of this.  It is really awkward.  I'm looking forward to getting to know them though...again.
  • Being in the newspaper, except it is only half of your head behind someone elses.  That is the way it usually works out.  Or like that one time a huge photo spread of my soccer team that my dad was coaching got put in the paper but I had gone to use the bathroom like 30 seconds earlier and completely missed it.  :-/
  • Not having business cards.
  • How I'm a photographer and I don't post any photos.  How I'm a seamstress and I haven't been posting my projects...
  • Our performance of Handel's Messiah this past weekend was amazing.  I love singing that work. It was extra special this year because some of our friends from the NICYO orchestra joined and I hadn't seen them in some time. :-)
  • I got an A on my first College course and now have 3 credits. :-D  Yippee!  It wasn't as high a score as I was anticipating, but my coach said it was still an A, so that is nice.  Up next, Analyzing and interpreting Literature!
  • Letters from India that smell like India.  It was actually Jasmine perfume, but it really did smell like India.
  • 2 different on the fly hairstyles from pinterest/blogs that turned out great.
  • My brothers have introduced my to Imagine dragons.  Yikes.  Some of that is SO powerful.
  • Feeling ill and helpless and all I wanted to do was play the piano.  (the playing the piano part is the awesome part, not the ill part.)  
  • Happy music

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