November 16, 2012

Gary & Myrna ❘ Married

Welcome to the wedding of Gary and Myrna!  One fine chilly October morning I met Gary and Myrna out at Chapel in the Pines to capture their wedding!  There was no getting ready, no bouquet, to attendants.  It was just a simple 10 minute ceremony attended by only immediate family and my parents.  That is the funny part of the story.  He is a friend of my Dad's and work, and she was Emily's 1st grade teacher and a friend of my Mom's.  They met at my graduation party!  Here is how Gary told it to me: 
Jena told me about Myrna and I called her Easter weekend.  I caught her at a really bad time by surprise (extremely tired from traveling and waiting for a bus home from Midway airport). Nothing happened and I really never intended to call her again.  Then we saw one another at your graduation party.  We didn't really get a chance to speak one-on-one there and I couldn't gage that she had any interest in me.  I still didn't plan to call her afterwards, but your mom insisted.  The Friday of Memorial Day weekend (your mom still poking me), I finally called Myrna again and we spoke for about an hour.  Things clicked - thanks to your mom.  I asked Myrna to dinner the following evening and we went to Maxson Manor in Oregon.  I was doing back flips I was so excited.  I reserved and requested a table by the window, but it turned out we were the only patrons in the entire restaurant.  We still laugh about that.  That night, I knew I was with someone special.  She just swept me off my feet.  I couldn't believe I was actually having dinner alone with such a wonderful person.  The rest is history.  With only a few days exception, we have seen each other every day since.  I proposed with a cake I presented to her one night after dinner only a couple weeks ago at home.
And there you have it!  

Awaiting her entrance

Exchanging vows...

and rings!  

Lighting the unity candle.


Congratulations all around.

Except for my parents and Nathanael (who second shot for me) this was everyone at the wedding.

There wasn't a reception, but we were invited to go out to lunch with the bride and groom and family.

 Where are you going on your honeymoon?
We just booked a 7 day inter-island cruise in Hawaii. Why Hawaii?  I asked Myrna on our very first date if she could travel any where she wanted, where would it be.  She said Hawaii.  I remembered that.   But little did I know at the time I would be asking about honeymoon destinations.

I asked Gary how they would describe each other and he answered for both of them. :-)  "She calls me Prince Charming (still not sure I can live up to that).  I call her a princess - a real life Cinderella.  And that's what she is to me."

Congratulations Gary and Myrna!  Thank you so much for trusting me to capture this moment for you! 


  1. Love these pictures, Joanna! How fun that they met at your grad party... if it was me I would feel partway "responsible" for the match. ;)

    That ring shot with the pinecones is awesome! So creative.

    And Hawaii sounds fabulous right now, but with 60 degree weather here today I guess I shouldn't complain. ;) We haven't even had our first snow yet, and it's already November 20. I love it though!

    Great job on the wedding!


  2. I hadn't seen these before, but they are lovely! What a sweet story of God's faithfulness (and how he uses us in each-other's lives!).