November 8, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: sept

  • My little sister Emily bursting into the Hallelujah Chorus but changing all the words to "Your gym bag, your gym bag, your ggyyymmm bag!"  and dancing around the living room
  • I'm laying on the couch almost asleep and Emily lie down next to me and brings a blanket.  Then she says, "Hey Jo, I thought of this idea.  It is sort of like Tangled, well it is kinda just like Tangled.  She, there is this guy in the tower and he has a very, very long beard.  And there is this girl and she is really interested...   ...   ...Except he would have to be really old...So I guess she would have to be an old lady.  Maybe he just has a really weird beard..."  Oh Emily.  This isn't so much awkward as it is so stinkin' cute. :-)
  • My Mother stalking my brother on my facebook account.  Girl problems or something I guess.
  • Driving in Elgin at night and somehow getting on the wrong side of the median.  I realized things were looking odd fairly quickly and the GPS started freaking out, and then one of the cars facing me at the stoplight started flashing their lights.  All in about 3 seconds time.  You better believe I ran that red light going the wrong way and turned.  The awesome part?  Nobody got hurt and nobody in my car even knew what happened!  
  • I voted!  I'm so happy I was able to participate in the electoral process.  
  • My little sister dancing around the house and singing Skyfall very quickly in her cute little voice. "Let the skyfall!  When it crumbles we will stand tall and face it all skyfall." :-)
  • Going to the Voice of the Martyrs Conference at Moody Church in Chicago with the sibs and  Carolyn, meeting up again with our missionary friend Melissa, and being changed.  If you don't know what VOM is I highly recommend you go check it out and sign up for their free newsletter.  The work they are doing with the persecuted church is amazing and God is blessing it.  Visit
  • Whenever Emily and I stay up late talking or watching a movie she starts singing "Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain. :)
  • Getting together with Carolyn to teach her how to sew. :-)
  • The latest trailer for our recent home movie with Morell Cinematic Studios is out!  :-)  Time, Space, and the Lint Between

  • And if you have 25 minutes to invest, I highly recommend watching this video by John Stonestreet on Marriage and Family in Society.  It is from one of my CollegePlus!  courses.


  1. Oh little sisters. ;) Cuteness!

    I'm 3 months too young to vote. Oh well... next time...

    Glad you had a good time at the VOM conference. Melissa shared with the ladies at our chapel this morning and it was wonderfully encouraging! You're right, she is SO sweet!

    Have fun teaching Carolyn to sew. Wish I could join! =)

  2. Cool, you are taking CW. That is an AMAZING course!! I really liked that course!

    Do you attend Moody church? I sometimes listen (online) to Dr. Lutzer--I really like his preaching!

    Yes, VOM is a very good ministry. More people need to know about them.

    A fellow CP! student (the same one who joked about the cool coat :D)

    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving! :D