November 1, 2012

Awkward & Awesome: six


  • Being sarcastic (it doesn't happen that often).  Being sarcastic to one of your most sarcastic friends and them taking you seriously.  Yikes.
  • Talking with a lady whose parents run a missionary boarding house when one of the missionaries her family hosted walks up.  He greets her and she says "Yes, I know you!  You've slept in my bed numerous times."  Yowuehaahaumm, what?!  Lady, you seriously need a new opener.  Not everyone (like she and I) gives up their rooms, and by extension their beds, rather regularly for guests.  In this case the guest was the respected guest speaker.  It was the epitome of awkward.
  • When old friends who are a bit older than you meet you again and then realize you've grown up and they actually start paying attention to you.  Yeah, I had opinion on this stuff years ago, you just didn't bother to include me.  It reminds me to always pay attention to the younger people.  I don't want to the the girl who only talks to people she knows or people her age.


  • This book by Lydia Albano: Esmeralda. She is a literary genius.  I'm embarrassed to say how late I stayed up reading it, but it was that good.  I was trembling more often than not throughout the book. It resonated deeply with me.  Anywho, I would have to go check it out but be sure to schedule off 4+ hours to read the whole thing because you won't be putting it down.  I can't wait till she finishes it.  I signed up for figment just to I could comment and keep up!
  • Hearing another friend read his latest book out loud to his and my siblings around a campfire.  I sincerely hope he publishes his books because they are the funniest most severely intellectual books I've ever read. :-)  Full of adventure.
  • Our conference speaker this past weekend was born in England and he was staying with us.  I got to brush up on my accent and talk about British stuff. 
  • I bought my first pair of flats.  Yes you read that correctly.  I've never owned a pair of flats. 
  • Bought a very cool black, grey, and red argyle sweater. :-)  Holidays!!
  • Got a new coat.  And it is cool. :-)
  • Having a really good professional photographer comment on my photos and say "Gosh, this is beautiful!!"  :-)  Cue happy butterflies and palpitations.  Thank you Christa Taylor Gutschenritter!
  • Getting to talk with a missionary from Africa and have sweet fellowship around the table. :-)
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    1. Yes! It is Melissa! I just finished spending 5 or so hours talking with her! She is SO sweet. She said she was headed to Dubuque on Sunday afternoon. Small world. :-) She know SO many people that we know from our travels and Air Force days, it was so nice to meet her.

    2. That's so neat! Our assembly has been praying for her for years, and I'm excited to meet her. Btw I'm working on an email to send you. ;)

  2. So, per your advice, I read Esmerelda last night and today, and I'm so glad I came back and re-read this post. I thought that was the end of the book! I'm so glad it's not. Whew.

    1. Oh! I know! I thought it was the end too and I was crying because it was so tragic!! Like, WAY more sad than Romeo and Juliet. :-)

    2. Absolutely more sad than Romeo and Juliet! I've had to come up with my own ending until she finishes it. I hope you're doing well!

  3. If your coat is "cool," doesn't it cease being a coat? lol :)

    A fellow CP!'er

    1. Touché! Touché!

      And hello! I had no idea how large College Plus was before I joined, now I am running into people everywhere!