January 17, 2013

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: dix

  • Figuring out how to not be rude and not leading on at the same time, especially when dealing with special needs people.
  • Wearing guys pajamas because they match my brothers' and we got them for Christmas.
  • Finding out the hard way that my favorite sweater was 100% fine merino wool, and dry clean only.  Let's just say that Emily has a really sweet felt sweater now.
  • Taking pictures outside in my formal dress (pictures/post coming) when it is 15 degrees and getting sticks caught in the lace.
  • Secrets, especially when they aren't your own.
  • Putting myself out there.  I'm was a very private person until very recently and when you open up, sometimes you get hurt.  Let's just say I'm still getting used to the fact that I'm my own person, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

  • Winter Retreat + at Story Book Lodge Christian Camp.  I met so many people and was encouraged and challenged beyond belief by the bible study and talks I had with like-minded believers.
  • Hymn sings and learning new songs.
  • Finishing sewing projects, especially the 3 formal dresses for the Premiere which really should get its own bullet...
  • The Premiere was this past Saturday! 
  • Spending time with my friends Emily and +Kara Morell !  :-)
  • The Hobbit.  Just go see it.  It is awesome.
  • The PianoGuys.  They've come out with some awesome new stuff lately, but I always go back to this classic.  I could listen to it on repeat for days.

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  1. Can't wait to see your formal! :)