January 19, 2013

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

A week or so after the school shooting in Newtown, CT we heard that the school board up there wanted 500 snowflakes the decorate the new school building and create a winter wonderland to help the kids transition back to school and move on with their precious lives.

We made 20 or so and sprayed them with white and icy blue glitter so they would sparkle just like snow on a sunny day.

Then we decided to get our chapel involved and had everyone bring scissors to our New Years Eve party.  There were some really cool ones. :-)

In all we sent up 52 snowflakes.

As it turns out, they got so many that they had to close the event and find places to put all the extras they already had!  I think ours made it before the end though.  I hope they are brightening the lives of many kids up there.  Our prayers are with you, people of Newtown!

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