January 22, 2013

Black Coral Print Tunic

Pattern: Simplicity 2580 view B
Supplies: Black and White patterned ity knit (I think) from the red tag section at Joann Fabrics.  Black braid trim leftover from the guys doublets.

This was originally going to be a dress, so I added 8 or so inches when I cut it out.  However, I found the pattern a bit monotonous after it was all sewn together, so I chopped the 8 inches back off and hemmed it.

Last time I made this I also used a loud print and the same neckline.  That was a dress though and it was a bit tight.  I gave it away a year or so ago.  Anyway, this time I put braid trim on it and I am so happy with the way it turned out!  I hand stitched it on while watching my brother play minecraft.  Yes, I watch my brother play minecraft, no it isn't deathly boring. :-)

After a washing the neckline scrunched up.  I'm not sure if that is because the braid shrunk and the knit did not or my stitching did something weird...with a little pulling it lays fairly flat.
I haven't actually worn this with leggings yet because I just got my first pair of leggings (and then two long pairs right afterwards) recently.  I'm not sure how I feel about leggings.  Wow, I ramble a lot.  All this to say I made this in the middle of winter so I've only paired it with my black dress pants and a black skirt that makes it look like a pretty dress so far.   I'll have to post a picture of it sometime.

I put the leggings on today just to get pictures of the tunic to blog.  Pictures thanks to my little sister Emily. We're still working on it. :-)


  1. Looks super this length - and legging suit both you, and the dress! Great sewing...

  2. I made that pattern once and hated it. I thought the skirt would have a lot more volume based on the pattern cover. Nope! Yours looks very nice though, much better than mine.

  3. It looks great with leggings! :) I love the pattern!